About Luke Brumfield

I stayed here and made it work.

I'm a software engineer with clients all over the country. I am part of the remote workforce that is representing a larger part of all jobs every day. I could have left the area like so many other young professionals, but I didn't. I decided to carve out the sort of job that keeps me here.

I chose to stay closer to my family, skipping the misery and debt cycle that comes with moving to a large city. Unfortunately, very few people get to exercise that option and those who can realize that living in Huntington comes with a whole set of problems that can be easily alleviated by living across the river or over in Barboursville.

I stayed here and made it work.

I live here too.

I live on 28th St., right in the middle of my district. I have the same problems as everyone else. I hear loud bangs at night, people going up and down the street in various chemically induced states, and the Sanitary Board still threatens to shut me down for 35 cents past due.

It started as a sinkhole in city-owned portion of my yard and busted sidewalks in front of the 25705 post office. You can only call so many times before you have to take action. Then I started noticing every biller I have outside of my city fees has upgraded to the 21st century and I can pay online without having to call overworked offices. Its about time we get the same service from the city.

One day I just had enough. I filled out the paperwork and next thing I know I am on the general election ballot because no one else stepped up in the primary. I am starting to see why there is an aversion to electoral engagement, but I won't forget why I am running in the first place: I want to live in a better city. It only takes minimal improvements to get the confidence of the people back. I would know, all Luke ever wanted was a sinkhole filled and a online form to pay his city fees.

I live here too.

I'll Talk to Anyone

Do you know the name of your city council member? Didn't think so.

I didn't see mine in person until I met him at a candidate event. He wasn't at any of the neighborhood meetings. How convenient.

There's such a communication gap in between the city that we can't deliver what we pay for, businesses who grit their teeth every time they have to fill out a form, commuters whom we try balance on budget on, and the people that live in the city. Candidates gets asked questions like "What will you do to work more closely with Cabell county?" And the answer is almost universally "By working with them to begin with."

When ever there is a problem, its a quick draw match between the various governmental bodies to throw up their hands and say its not their fault. We don't need another task force, we need people to step up and make it their responsibility to bridge these gaps.

I'll talk to anyone.